Saturday, December 01, 2007

Oh Mommy's Christmas Tree......

Thursday morning we decorated our Christmas tree (Mommy's tree) with the girls. It actually went alot faster with two extra hands helping!
The girls also got a MUCH needed haircut Wed. night. I LOVE their new hair do's!

Amelia decorating the tree.

We have an angel ornament for each of the three babies we lost.. Amelia put one on the tree.

We had to have at least one tantrum for the morning......

This is how most of the ornaments ended up on the tree that the girls put on. All in one big clump on the bottom of the tree.

Amelia checking out how much her foot has grown since her first Christmas.

Amelia thought the ornament of Santa in the bathtub was really funny!!!

Abigail decorating the tree.

Another clump....

Kissing Santa before he went on the tree!

I didn't take a pic after all was said and done of the tree. I will do that soon!

I know alot of people started Christmas festivities this weekend ...Hope you are all having fun! We sure are! We met The BIG man today! Pics to come soon on that!!!


Melissa said...

Such sweet pictures! The girls look great - love their hair!

Letícia said...

Gostei muito desse post e seu blog é muito interessante, vou passar por aqui sempre =) Depois dá uma passadinha lá no meu, que é sobre frases e poesias, espero que goste. O endereço dele é Um abraço.

Michele said...

Oh, they look like such sweet, big girls with their new hair cut.