Monday, February 25, 2008

Mommy's Precious Princesses

On the day of the wedding I took some pictures of the girls that morning at The Terrell House. I absolutely LOVED the girls in the dresses. Thanks Ms. did an amazing job!
You will see a ton of pics in color of them in these dresses so I did all of these in black and white. You will see these dresses again this Spring when I can get them out to do a shoot when I am not worried about them getting the dresses dirty.

Such a SWEET moment...

Ballet toes.

Head lock? Maybe they love each other too much.

Another too much love...


Michele said...

How absolutely ADORABLE! The pic of their heads together was so cute.

Bridget said...

They look so beautiful in those beautiful gowns!

odomfamilyfun said...

These are too sweet! You have been a busy blogger---I have got to get better :)
I may have emailed you this already, but my mom tried to get in touch with you several times last week via email but they kept getting sent back. let me know if you ever got one or if she needs to try again.
Your girls are too cute!!!