Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mardi Gras Madness

We did the craziness of going to parades every day from Fri-Mon. We were planning on going back for Fat Tuesday but Amelia woke up with 102 fever ( which we now know is the flu) Friday we went to parades here in town, and then Sat, Sun, and Mon we spent in New Orleans or Metairie. I must say the girls LOVE LOVE LOVE a parde. We also went to two parades the weekend before. Their daddy sure loves Mardi Gras and will just about take us along to every parade he can. He is definitely a true new orleanan!

I only brought my camera to one day. It's too hard since it's so big and I was more into watching the girls than taking pics. This day we were down in New Orleans with Erica and her family. THANKS SO MUCH FOR INVITING US!! They had a hotel room which meant we had a bathroom to go to. Josh had also gotten up at 4:00AM and saved us all a spot. Again THANK YOU!!!!

There were four parades that day plus Bacchus. We left for Bacchus but got to see Aunt Beth on her float in the Krewe of Mid City! It was a long day from 11-5, but it was sooo much fun!!!

Amelia and daddy between parades.
Abigail ready to catch some more beads!
Amelia was so excited about her light up wand.
Heather Bella and Erica.
Josh and Reese

Love this pic of her...I think she was dancing to the music.

Here is what the girls looked like from in the middle of the street in their ladder.
Throw me somthing mister. The girls SCREAM this-- it is absolutely hilarious.
Loving on some of her animals.

Watching all the floats going by.

Snack time.
Little Ms. Bella...isn't she a doll? Katie (Erica's sister) with Ms. Reese
Here is where we were that day...all the ladders in a row.....
I couldn't even get all the ladders in from across the street there were too many of us all together. We had an amazing Mardi Gras. The girls are definitely Mardi Gras girls!!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful Mardi Gras where ever you were!!!


steele family said...

looks like a fun day!

Rocky Mountain Fighting Tigers said...

Great Mardi Gras pics. Wish that weather was here. Hope to share a parade with you guys again next year.

Jamie said...

What a fun Mardi Gras!