Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Ballet Girls

Me Me and Paw Paw gave the girls for Christmas Ballet classes. They have been to three of them now and they think they are just the BEST ballerinas EVER! I think so too!! I can't tell you that I can think of anything cuter than a room full of two year olds with TuTus on!!! They have the CUTEST class and it's so much fun. This is a mom and me class so I get to be in there every week. I will get some better pics this week....These are from the first day and I didn't have my camera on the right setting for the whole class so they didn't all come out ....OOPS...too much participation on my part!

My two ballerina's who REFUSED to look at me-- turkeys!

The girls VERY first friend Lilly is taking the class too!!!

Abigail practicing her balancing skills.

Amelia dancing with ribbons.

I wonder what they were talking about?

So sweet of Ms. Abigail
They dance with different dolls each week. This week it was ballerina dolls.

Thanks MeMe and Paw have given them the BEST gift ever!!! They are ALL smiles the whole time-- they absolutely love it!!!!


odomfamilyfun said...

Love this! They are too cute & don't you just wonder what they talk about!!! They are so sweet. Caroline takes dance & loves every second. I don't get to go to her classes, but I wish I you get to dress up, too? hahah. Just kidding! Good to see you at Christy's house! Your girls are dolls.

NIKKI said...

Umm no..don't think I would look near as cute as they do in a TUTU! It was great seeing you too!! We will come and play in Jackson soon!!!!

Nicole said...

That is adorable!! I've got to get Elise in with them for the next session. Too cute!

Roberts Family Blog said...

They are so precious in their tu tu's! They are going to have so much fun taking dance classes!

Michele said...

Those pictures are so sweet! But I have to say, after learning that it was a Mommy participation class, I now understand why God gave me a boy...I've never been good on my feet :-)

Melissa said...

Adorable! They are so cute!