Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The old stompin grounds of Hattiesburg!

After we left Brady's party we decided to go eat at La Fiesta Brava-- one of my favs in college. The girls like it too! They love Mexican food!

Then we went by the new sorrority houses hoping to get a tour. A very nice girl took us on a tour of the DG house! BOY are they nice...they are living MUCH nicer than we did! That's ok -- hopefully my two girls will live there one day!

Ready for RUSH!
ANgela your pic is still on the book case!!!!! You don't have any idea how happy it made me feel t see things that were there when we were!!

I finally got a pic of this--- I keep a potty in my car-- can I tell you how many times we use it a week? We are ALWAYS on the go-- we pull over into TONS of parking lots for a pit stop for Abigail! Amelia still could care less....I guess one out of diapers is cheaper than two!


odomfamilyfun said...

I am laughing out loud at her on the potty---can I tell you we do the same thing? hahhah!!! I am itching to go to the Tri-Delta house & have not been able to go---nothing like Panhellenic I do suppose! Love these pics :)
ps, my mom tried to send you an email & it got sent back. let me know if you get it or not!

Roberts Family Blog said...

I can't believe that picture is still there. They don't throw out anything. I am so jealous that they have houses now!
Abigail on the potty is so funny!