Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July Daytime festivities

We headed to my parents house the morning of the fourth. We spent the day playing at my parents house, and hanging out with Nana, Pop, Aunt Kelli, and her boyfriend James.
My dad grilled out for us and then the girls took a nap while we did some outlet shopping.
Aunt Kelli got the girls poppers, so after a quick nap the girls got to have some fun with the poppers. (I'll try to upload some video soon of my mom and sister throwing them at each other's feet and hopping around.)
The girls loved the poppers and did it for quite some time!

Abigail took some time out to play with sand from the sand table.
Stepping on the poppers.
Amelia would laugh every time they popped. It was an overly loud fake sounding laugh. Too funny!


steele family said...

They look adorable! You always have the cutest clothes on them.

Michele said...

Ohhh, I used to love those things. I'm going to have to get some from Chase as soon as I think he won't eat them :-)

NIKKI said...

Thanks mom and I shop at the outlets ALOT!!! I love getting pieces and putting them all together. That outfit was under $10 and the shirt is Gymboree!! Gotta love the outlets!