Friday, July 18, 2008

Mani and Pedi's

Sorry for lack of posts lately.... I hope you all checked out Mary Payton's blog..if you didn't read the post below!
As for us life has been a little crazy with playdates with play group, ballet, soccer, and me working.
I got a pedicure a couple weeks back and the girls wanted their toes painted. So I gave them manicures and pedicures. They LOVED every second of it. Thank god I have girly girls! I hope they stay that way!
We are ready!
Here is the smile I get from Abigail when she knows I want her to smile..nice hunh?

Amelia checking out her painted nails.


Don't they look like teenagers here? They are growing up way to quick for me!


Rocky Mountain Fighting Tigers said...

Love it! Kendal loves to have pedicures as well.

Nikki said...

They are too cute. I'm sure that your girls stayed more still than mine do when I try to paint their toenails.

Bridget said...

Oh how cute!!! Libby loves her mani/pedis too! She will ask me to paint and then say "pretty pretty" the whole time... that's how I used to get her to sit still for clipping those nails... I'd keep saying "oh, so pretty, pretty" and then promise her that I'd paint them. lol.