Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photo Shoot

I've taken pictures every summer of the girls at this park. They cleaned out the fountain so last week Brian and I took them there to take some pics.
Oh these outifits they wore the first year we took them to the beach for pictures. They are 12month outfits. I don't think we will get to wear them much longer. They are starting to get a little snug around the chest. So glad I took pics of them in them again. They are just precious on them!
Here are a TON from the 100's I took of them!


The above one will DEFINITELY be blown up in my house soon!
Check out Abigail's foot!

The fountain was a little chilly. They had just filled it. Amelia kept saying it's COOOOLLLD! :)

AWW love my girls!

Obviously Abigail could care less that it was chilly! I did't think we were getting her out.

I''ll have to find the post from sometime last summer to compare pics. I have them in my house hanging up and they have grown sooo much! They are growing wayyyy to fast for me!


Andi said...

Beautiful, beautiful Pics!! I love their outfits....I just bought that same outfit for Ella and I'm hoping we get lots of wear out of it! My intentions were to have beach pictures made in it, but of course that didn't happen. Your girls are precious....I love all the outfits you made for them. I keep saying I'm going to learn how to sew, but I've yet to get busy and take a class.

Rocky Mountain Fighting Tigers said...

Awesome pics. Looks like you had a great time.

David and Nicole said...

Those are precious! I have so many favorites....

Bridget said...

Beautiful! The outfits are too cute!

Kirk & Matt said...

They're getting SO big...and more beautiful every day. Lucky you!

Stacy said...

Beautiful pics, as always, but OMGosh your girls are growing up SO, SO, SO FAST!!