Monday, July 07, 2008

Ariel at Princess Ballet...ohhhh our FAVORITE!!!!

Last time the girls went to princess ballet they got to be their absolute FAVORITE princess.... Ariel! With a mermaid tail and all (you will be seeing this costume again... )
Can I tell you I should have videoed the girls when they found out they were going to get to be Ariel!! Their was SQUEALS around the ENTIRE room. They ALL love Ariel. It was truly one of the sweetest moment to see all these 3 year olds jumping up and down squesaling that they were going to get to be Ariel.


Michele said...

That is so cute! Does the class provide all the costumes?

NIKKI said...

Yes she provides ALL the costumes. It's a huge suprise of who they get to be that day. After a stretch to of course a princess song she pulls out the Barbie of what ever princess they get to be! IT is HYSTERICAL watching all the girls get sooooo excited. They then do the rest of hte ballet class in that costume!