Monday, June 01, 2009

Askerus in Norway

The next morning we went to eat Breakfast at Askerus in Norway in Epcot. This was a great princess meal! When we walked in the door we took a picture with Belle (you can guess Abigail was in heaven!) that they gave to you as part of your meal package!!! That was a nice touch since most of them you have to buy!!! We then went to our table and had hot skillets brought to the table and you could also go get stuff at the buffett. This is the only place you can find our first princess we were in love with ARIEL in a dress!!!

The girls were SUPER excited to meet her!!!

Onto Snow White.


This was an AWESOME meal. We weren't rushed in and out and the girls got to talk to all the princesses!!! If you can't get into Cinderella's Royal Table..this would be a great alternative! Cinderella was sooo nice here and talked to the girls for quite a long time!!!! She asked them who was the oldest....this is the first time they replied ... We don't know and won't find out until we are married!! This is a VERY true statement but haven't heard them tell people. We tell people all the time, and I guess they finally have picked up on it.
Yes that's right folks...our girls have NO idea who was born first and won't know (so if you know you better not tell them!!!) until the first one gets married!!!!!!

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