Monday, June 01, 2009

1900 Prak Fare

That evening we went to 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian for dinner.

The girls LOVE this carriage, and of course so do I since Brian proposed to me in one!!

Dancing to the paino man while we were waiting to be seated.


Abigail was BLUSHING when she met prince charming!!!! It was tooo cute!

Kisses for the prince!

The wicked step mother. She was soooo hysterical. She made a little girl cry and NEVER got out of character.

One of the stepsisters.. Anastasia. She was SO LOUD and OBNOXIOUS!!! It was soo funny! She kept screaming "MOTHER" across the dining room.... asking men to marry her etc. The girls didn't quite know WHAT to think of her! If there is any character in Disney to be for a day I think she would be the one I would want to be! She could pretty much get away with ANYTHING!!!!

Drizella who also pretty funny...she kept asking why Cinderella was on their dress and she wasn't????

As for ratings on this dinner....well the food was OK at was SUPER loud, and crazy in there. I was expecting a little bit nicer of a place. You were PACKED in there pratically sitting with other families. The enetertainment was HYSTERICAL!! BUT Brian and I decided that at the end of the day we were not up for buffets. We pereferred more of a nice quieter low key meal at the end of the day at Disney and someone waiting on us. ESPECIALLY when you are paying that much! Just our opinion .... it was a fun place just not our favorite, and the least favorite of all the places we went to see princesses.

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