Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mickey's Backyard BBQ......

That night we went to Mickey's Back yard BBQ. It is seasonal and is at the campground. It is outside under a pavillion and had all sorts of BBQ food. A live band played and entertained everyone while the characters came out and danced on the dance floor. It was VERY hot but we had a great time. I put them in cowgirl boots that Amelia was NOT liking very much... so after those came off and her sandals on she was a dancing queen!!

Waiting for the bus...

Enjoying dinner.

Abigail was MUCH shyer about dancing. Amelia would have gotten on stage with the band!

Dancing girl!


Daddy and his mini me...

A quick shot with Minnie

Amelia was sooooooo worn out and fell asleep in the parking lot from the car back to our hotel. She RARELY sleeps in the car so this was just too cute for us!

Abigail of course was WIDE awake!!!
This was a ton of fun and was something different to do at Disney.

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Bridget said...

yet again, LOVE their outfits! Looks like a fab vacation!