Sunday, July 01, 2007


Today we started Potty Training and pretty much that is ALL we did all day! Brian is staying around here tomorrow and on Wed. so I decided this is the week to do it. We read a book that we really liked and we are just going with it! (Along with a million tips from Shannon..thanks for being my emrgency potty trianing line today..on your birhtday of all days!!! WE love you!) All in all I have to say the girls did wayyyy better than I thought. Abigail was showing many more signs than Amelia that she was ready, but you can't really give cool treats, and cool new panties to one and not the other. The morning started off potty training our new potty dolls! They LOVED it and so on with the training we went!
They are starting to catch on. Abigail only had one accident after nap time until bed time and went NUMEROUS times in the potty! Amelia..lets just say she goes on the potty quite a bit and then still has little accidents. We spent almost an hour the first time sitting on the potty's so we could catch them going the first time. We had to get REAL creative on the entertaining today while they were sitting there! I must say I was quite proud of my two girls!

Amelia first thing this morning.

Abigail still playing with her new baby!

Abigail found ways to entertain herself while waiting for the timer to go off. Walking around in daddy's shoes.

And Mommy's shoes.

She hung out with Neville.

Amelia was REALLY proud of herself and of Abigail. That was probably the cutest...them cheering for each other!!!!!

I wanted to add...the lady on John and Kate Plus eight on TLC...she is the winner of Survivor we are just at home participants :) ..I have no clue how she potty trains with sextuplets.


steele family said...

that is so great! Page loved a video called "Potty Power" that we found at the library.

Melissa said...

We tried to use the doll with Max (even got the anatomically correct one ), he loved showing the doll how to use the potty, but wanted no part of it himself! lol Good for your girls!! I'm sure they will be done in no time. I can't wait for Alex and Nicky to be ready. I took a day earlier last month and they really didn't have a clue :-O

Roberts Family Blog said...

That is so cute! They'll catch on. THey are smart girls

Michele said...

YEAH...I bet you're so excited!

NIKKI said...

Yes Michele..we are very excited. It will be VERY nice when we don't have to buy diapers for two anymore! :)

The Hedrick Family said...

Yippee!!!!!!!! Great job to the girls, but most importantly to the parents. Potty training is hard work, but it will be worth it!!!!