Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Children's museum

On Saturday of the wedding we had the morning to go play so we went to the children's museum. As always the girls loved it and weren't ready to leave when it was time to go.

Pic of the girls when we got back to the Bed and Breakfast in the courtyard.

Abigail had fun shopping.
She also liked to check her items she had picked.
I am not sure what got her attention here...

All in a bubble.

POP..... check out Abigail's face.

Amelia was blowing the bubbles.

They have a cafe's sooo cute! The girls loved waiting on us.

Mom and dad had fun too!

Dad eating the sandwich Abigail made for him in the cafe.

Amelia waiting to be wiated on.

Abigail really liked playing the piano.

All aboard.... ringing the bell for the street car.
Amelia driving the ship.
Future teachers??

Pictures from the wedding coming soon....


Jean Anne said...

this looks like such a fun morning! wish we had something like that in hattiesburg!

Melissa said...

We love the Childrens Museum her in Maine too, but haven't been in ages...