Friday, May 29, 2009


One of the girls favorite memories of Disney is the pool at the hotel. Crazy hunh?
It WAS an amazing pool. I would love to go stay a couple of extra days and not buy tickets for the parks those days and just hang out at the pool all day!
This pool had numerous pools and this was just the main pool. There were also other small pools all around the hotel. CRAZY!
Anyway the main pool area had a VERY LARGE slide, a small slide, a lazy river pool, hot tubs, an area that we called the toilet bowl bc it spun you round and round like in a toilet bowl pretty fast, tons of just hang out pool areas and then the kids favorite the BEACH pool. The pool was a beach entry and the whole thing had sand on the bottom. It was only 2 feet max! It was PERFECT! My memory card ran out of memory so I had to use my little camera so sorry these aren't the greatest of pics!

This was the little kids slide as my girls called it. They loved it, but could see the BIG slide above our heads. It was a HUGE ship that was shipwrecked. The girls kept asking to go down it so the lifegaurd told us to go get life jackets and let them go down it. I was a little nervous bc they had to go down by themselves. It had a tube that was 75-100 ft. long and then you go through a whole bunch of twists and turns, with waterfalls falling on you and you go FAST! You had to go up a spiral staircase to get to it.

Here is the end of the BIG slide. THe first time they came down I just knew they were going to say never again. Brian went down then each of the girls went down and then I came down. When I came down they were screaming "Can we do it again???" They loved it and did it OVER AND OVER!!!!

If you love swimming and pools the Beach Club is the way to go! FYI if you stay at ANY disney resort you can use the Beach Club pool after 5 PM! :)


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looks like a blast!! Love the suits too!

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