Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trail Head

Yesterday we went to the Trail Head fountains. I had my camera in my car bc I had just finished shoot so I decided to grab some shots of the girls! They seem to have even more fun each time we go! They were pretty funny with their sunglasses on!!

Super Star Amelia...check out Abigails face.
It's always so hard to catch them in the same shot, but I got quite a few yesterday!

Silly Abigail

The movie star again!

Can you find Abigail's sunglasses?
She puts them on her belly all the time! I have no clue why!

Lilly had a blast.

Check out Abgail's face!!!

Cutie Luke!! He was very serious yesterday!

I told the girls to look in the camera lens to see if they could see themselves here is what I caught.......

A sweet moment shared between the two. I think they were sharing rocks!


Bridget said...

They are adorable! I love the pics of the girls looking into the camera!

Alecia Watson Bahna said...

Sooooo cute. And just exactly how many swimsuits do these girls have?

Michele said...


Melissa said...

how cute! I love the one with the glasses on the tummy :)

The Hedrick Family said...

Absolutely hilarious them looking in the camera. So sweet them sharing. Sisterly love is the best.