Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Spreen

Beth and Aubrey had their engagement party last weekend. Brian and I went and had alot of fun. We are VERY excited about them getting married. For those of you who have known me for a long time know that I have introduced Beth as my future sister in law for a LONG time now! Beth and Aubrey have been dating for a year longer than me and Brian. They were high school sweet hearts. We absolutely adore Beth and are so happy they are getting married. She is Abigail's godmother and the girls love her too!
We can't wait for the wedding in Feb!!!

The happy couple..early in the night...Aubrey had ALOT of fun that night!
Me and Beth
A very rare pic of me and Brian. I always have the camera in my hand so we very rarely get a pic together.

The Spreen, Beth and Liz (my other sister in law! They are expecting a baby boy soon!)

Susan a very close friend of Beth and her sisters. I also take pics of her little girl Emily!! She is such a cutie! (She is on the double takes blog right now)

Becky (Beth's sister) and Beth. You did a GREAT job throwing the engagement party Becky!

Beth and her bridesmaids.

Beth and Mr. GQ man
All the boys.

The Spreen boys and Cousin Robert.
Beth and Aub we are looking forward to all the festivities coming up!! Ready for the BIG day in Feb!!!


The Hedrick Family said...

Great picture of you and Brian. You guys deserved a fun night out. I love the amazing pictures on your photography blog.

Michele said...

Wow that was a big group of boys! Looks like a fun evening.

Melissa said...

That is a great picture of you and Brian!