Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pool Time!

Brian got a new pool for father's day from my parents (after he blew our other one up with the lawn mower!) WE've been REALLY enjoying the pool. The girls love to swim under water and we have to tell them no more going under water ---walking feet only. They will keep on doing it if we don't and get so exhausted they can't find their footing to stand up and it scares me to death. Here is some fun we had last weekend in the pool!

Abigail ready to go!

This is Amelia's "Poision" hair. It's always a DISASTER when she wakes up in the morning. She rubs it on her pillow to soothe herself. We just got ALOT of it cut off today! Pics to come soon!

Always WILD hair Amelia!

Here is what the back looks like in the morning. She lost a HUGE round patch (like they do when they are babies, but this was FOUR months ago!) that is now growing back since we got a satin pillowcase.

Thanks Nana and Pop! We REALLY love the pool!


The Hedrick Family said...

Looks like a blast!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Hey! We have that pool :) I got it for Frank last year. He wanted one so bad. We love it. It is a perfect size for all of us. Looks like a great time for all of you.