Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Princess Party

Last week the girls babysitter (Ms. Lori) asked if the girls could come to the PAC (Pelican Athletic Club) Princess Party. Ms. Lori works in the daycare there, and today they had a Princess Party. They even had a parade in the middle of the work out area!
I had a photo shoot, so Brian took the girls and dropped them off.
This is what they looked like when they came home.
Can I tell you that they had the time of their life!!!!!!

Check out those earings!! They curled her hair too!

They made necklaces.

They had their fingernails and toenails painted.

Amelia said it was "SO FUN!"
This is the only one that shows their pink hair!!!

THANKS Ms. Lori for inviting us to the Princess Party!


Andi said...

Precious, Precious, Precious!!! What beautiful little princesses you have!! They should have princess parties for mommies so we can get our nails and hair done!

NIKKI said...

Funy thing is Andi... I wore one of the princess crowns during dinner!! :) They thought it was funny, and hey I was the FIRST princess in the house! :)

steele family said...

Okay, Page would never have left a party like that! How much fun!! I especially love the pink hair!

The Hedrick Family said...

How special for the girls and Ms Lori. They look adorable.

Melissa said...

How sweet! I bet the girls LOVED every minute of being primped up for the parade! My boys love to dress up (not as princesses - lol)!The ladies at the club must get such a kick out of the little ones while doing this!

Michele said...

Oh my gosh, that is so funny! I wish I was there when they had the princess parade...I would have LOVED to have seen the girls!

Chrissy Maestri said...

My girls LOVED seeing Abigail and Amelia dressed up! But their absolute favorite is Abigail on the potty. That was such a big hit! Rachel actually did the deed tonight after looking at her pictures over and over! Tell Abigail she has made quite an impression on my girls!
Thank you so much Abigail! You have done more than any mommy ever could have to help my girls with their potty training! :)