Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Ballerinas

Last week we had one of our two class celebration/recitals for ballet class. She just does an end of the semester program in the classroom, but we get to come in and watch along with all the grandparents etc. You will get a double dose of pics bc we went to both classes. (alot of the kids in the class had a school program so they couldn't come this week!)

I love this pic! The three of them together is just sooo sweet. They have been with Lilly Kate since before they were born at least once a week!

Part of the class!

Amelia upset bc she didn't get to be the leader..boy is she a DRAMA QUEEN..of course all I could do is laugh and shoot pics!

They could wear what ever costume they sweet cinderella.

Blowing a kiss in their dance.

Amelia is SUCH the performer!

She LOVES ballet.


Lilly Kates sister Ellie

Lilly Kate

I love watching them at ballet...they are soooo cute!


Kari said...

They are so precious. I can't wait to start dance with C.G. I'm enjoying seeing the pics on facebook.

lira said...

They are so adorable.

Michele said...

Those pics are so cute. All the girls look like they really enjoy that class!

Roberts Family Blog said...

These are all soooo adorable!

Roberts Family Blog said...

These are all soooo adorable!