Sunday, December 14, 2008

Breakfast With Santa

Last Saturday we had our Annual Breakfast with Santa with the mom's of multiples group! Want an entertaining morning come just sit in on this event! You throw a TON of families with twins and triplets in a room with pancakes syrup to sugar them up and then have Santa walk in!
This is one of our favorite events that we do with the group every year. It's in a little cafe that is closed just to us and they are so sweet to all of us and our craziness! Santa will just sit there and let us take picture after picture until we are all pictured out!

A RARE Christmas pic! THanks Chrissy for taking it!

Another rare and my girls!

Abigail, Amelia and one of their twin friends Kendall. Her mom and I have been officers together in the club for quite some time. Our twins are only 6 weeks apart so we have asked each advice since day one!
Reid...Kendalls brother..I LOVE his shirt!

Sweet Abigail

Silly Amelia

The family with Santa!

Abigail and Amelia with Santa

Amelia...check out that face!

This is the girls listening for Santa before he came in and we heard his bells!
The Maestri family (VERY good friends of ours!)

The Parnell family (also VERY good friends of ours!)

Daddy and his girls

We did eat breakfast there too!
We will see you again next year Santa!!


Bridget said...

LOVE the family pic with Santa!

Nicole said...

SOOo much fun!! I am already looking forward to next year!
Hope to see ya'll soon, but if not before Christmas then ya'll have a very merry one!

Rocky Mountain Fighting Tigers said...

LOVE the great family pic.

Lori said...

It's such a nice surprise to see a family pic! Y'all are so cute! It's funny to see that you are friends with Nicole Parnell. She was one of my best friends growing up.