Friday, December 12, 2008

O Christmas Tree....

We went to a Christmas tree farm this year to pick out a tree. We haven't had a real tree in quite a few years, but decided it was time to say goodbye to our fake tree. We had friends (Thanks Melissa and Frank) who told us about this awesome tree farm. They give you a saw and send you on your way. It's VERY hard to tell how big the trees are out there with all the other ones. I wanted a BIG FAT tree, and well boy did I pick out a BIG one. It's much bigger than I thought when we got it in the house! :)

Come on let's go!!
Amelia had to DANCE in the trees.

Abigail had a blast just running around them.


We found our TREE!! HOORAY!


A quick pic with mom! (and rare)

Dad sawing the tree while Abigail told him what to do!

Amelia LOVING the tree falling down. She was chearing him on GO DADDY GO!

The tree cut down and a quick pic with Daddy!

Playing in the trees that will be ready to be cut next year.



Bridget said...

That tree is huge! lol. Nothin' like a great, big Christmas tree!

Michele said...

WHOA, that is a massive tree!

That was a family tradition for us growing up. Every year we would go get breakfast as a family, sing Christmas carols on the way to the tree farm, and then take turns cutting down the perfect tree!

NIKKI said...

Yes it is huge...I'll have to post a pic of it in my house. It's huge but I LOVE it!!! Even if it does take up half my living room!

steele family said...

How fun! I remember doing that as a child too.