Saturday, December 06, 2008

Turkey Day

As promised...tons of pics coming your way. A little catch up time so check back often as I will be adding a ton! Thanks to all my awesome customers I have wrapped up my work year with close to 125 shoots the month of Oct and Nov alone! It was a wild and crazy time, but it's done now! Onto lots of FUN FUN FUN Christmas activities with the girls.

This year for Thanksgiving we went to my Aunt and Uncles house. They live outside Tuscalosa on a farm. Of course you can imagine how much fun the kiddos have there! THey love it every time we go and ask when we can go back! On Thanksgiving day we took a ton of pics of my cousins kiddos, pics of my kiddos, some of my sister and mom with the girls, and some actually of me and Brian with the girls. Here are a few of the kids playing with my cousins kiddos...

Abigail, Amelia and Cole

A little play time before Turkey time!

The dog behind her is my cousins dog Millie! The girls couldn't get enough of her! I bet she was EXHAUSTED when the weekend was over!

Rita is standing behind Abigail. She is also my cousin's little girl.
They all had so much fun playing together.

ALOT more to come!


Hope said...

Very cute pictures...looks like the girls had a blast!

Rocky Mountain Fighting Tigers said...

They look so grown up in the jeans and cowboy boots! Cant wait to see more!

Michele said...

You aunt's house looks like such a great place for kids to play. The girls look precious!