Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Royal Sonesta...

The Sunday before Christmas we loaded up and spent two nights at the beautiful Royal Sonesta in New Orleans. A tradition I hope we continue. We were going to the teddy bear tea and always go to celebration in the oaks so we decided to make a min vacation out of it. Southern Miss also made it to the New Orleans bowl so we crammed the game into it too!
The girls had a BLAST just playing in the room!

Amelia playing in our bed!

Abigail giving Daddy sweet kisses!

2 monkeys in my bed!

Silly face time!

Climbing under her bed.

Playing in the closet!

TONS of more pics to come...one day I will actually get the christmas pics up....keep checking back!


Jennifer Walker said...

So did you stay at the Royal Sonesta Sun-Tue? We almost crossed paths! Scott and I stayed there Tuesday night before Christmas. We went to dinner and out with friends. Jack, however, did not make the trip downtown with us.

NIKKI said...

YES we did cross paths!!! That would have been so neat to run into ya'll there! We got there Sunday checked out at noon on Tues. We had planned the trip to stay after we cut our vacation short when we got flooded out. We go do all these things for the kiddos in New Orleans and one of them is the Teddy Bear tea at the Royal Sonesta, so we decided to stay there for two nights. It was quite interesting staying on Bourbon with the kids. We completely avoided actually being on Bourbon with the kids by walking out the side doors except when the taxi dropped us off after the USM game. You should have SEEN the looks we got walking a half a block from the corner to the door of the Royal Sonesta at 9:30 at night!