Friday, December 26, 2008

More Snow Pictures

I know I've already put a ton on here, but after going through the last file I wanted to put some more on here. I hope they are memories that they will always remember...if not by antyhing else but pictures. I am really hoping this will still be here when they are older to look back on since it's been pretty much my baby book!

My snow bunnies

I love that smile! I don't always catch her "true" smile when I have the camera!

My real little angel! (Amelia my other angel refused to do snow angels!)

This is how pretty are backyard was.

A not so great self portrait.

Abigail loved falling down in the snow!

Abigail also loved eating the snow.


This was our snowman! Amelia's favorite thing about the snow!

Building the snowman.

Our house...Excuse the wood on the far left. Brian is building himself an office and me a sewing area!

My car was covered. We loved the snow and were so thankful that we had an amazing time in the snow. We never lost electricity either.. which most of our friends did! It was definitely a day to remember and hope the girls do!


Bridget said...

They are too cute! Adorable playing in the snow! Merry Christmas!

Stephanie said...

They are so cute and sweet! Merry Christmas!