Friday, January 02, 2009

Celebration in the Oaks

The one place that will always make me go AWWWWW. .....Celebration in the Oaks. Brian and I got engaged there 9 years ago on Dec. 30th 1999. We have been every year since (except the year of Katrina) and wouldn't miss it. Now we love taking the girls there. It's still not the same as it was before Katrina, and they don't have the carriage rides that Brian proposed to me in...but I have faith one day they will. I can't wait for the day that we can take them in a carriage ride there and them TRULY understand the story of daddy proposing to Mommy. They KIND OF get it now...But at the moment Abigail will tell you she is marrying Daddy! :)
We used to spend more time walking around and enjoying the we spend more time in the Storyland playground and the rides!
This year while we were at the Royal Sonesta we took the girls.... It was COLD that night!

The big Alligator Santa.

My two princesses in their carriage. (we have this pic from every year and their 3rd birthday!)

Amelia Going down the dragon slide that is SUPER fast.

Abigail in her castle.

In Jonah's belly.

She posed like this and told me to take a pic...UH OH do I have posers FINALLY on their own??? I usually have to beg or bribe! :)

Well at least one of them likes to pose. Gotta love my dear Abigail who gets sooo tired of me taking pics. I guess I don't blame her!

Sleeping Beauty

Abigail checking her out.

Abigail tap dancing for us...HILARIOUS!!! There was music playing and she told us to back up on the grass bc this was her stage and she began tap dancing. Doing her arms and everything. It was ADORABLE!!! We were cracking up!

Yummy Hot Choclate to warm us up!

They look so grown up to me! Where did my little babies go in their wagon the first year we took them? Now they are running all over the place!

Motorcycle girl. She loves motorcycles....

Thumbs up! They loved these and they went up pretty high!

Truck drivers!

We rode the train and the girls loved it... Here is me and Abigail.

Daddy and Amelia on the train!

Amelia on the train!

Thumbs up from Amelia!

My favorite the Carousel.

True smile from Abigail!

I hope you girls love Celebration in the Oaks as much as your daddy and I do! It will definitely hold a special place in our heart and hope it does yours too!


Catherine said...

I can't believe it's been 9 years - that's incredible!!
Your girls are so cute!!
What a great tradition to have for your family.....

Miss you!

Bridget said...

Oh I love their shoes and hats & scarves! Oh my! Libby is gonna be such an accessory girl! lol. I'm addicted to "hatting" her. ;)

Melissa said...

I can't believe how big the girls are looking! I love your Christmas Cards this year. :)