Friday, January 23, 2009

Park Play Day

On Monday since all the kids in our play group were out of school for MLK we decided to meet up at a new park in the area. It ended up being SUPER nice and we stayed for quite a long time (close to 4 hours!) As usual when we are with our play group friends we had a blast. Here are some pics of some of the kids there... There were around 17 kiddos there from our group. It is always wild and tons of fun!

A partial group pic..I am amazed we got this many in the pic...
Lilly Kate, Abigail, Amelia, Caroline, Cecilia, Stockton, and Simon.

Is he not ADORABLE?

Just so you don't think are play dates are ALL fun with no drama. Ms. Amelia was pouting bc I wouldn't push her on the swings. I told her she had to wait 10 minutes and this was the response I got.

Lilly Kate

Happy as can be now on the swings!

Ms. Sassy Elie! She is sooooo cute!

Can you tell she loves to swing?

Abigail loves it too!

I love this pic.. reminds me that they are growing up...all grouping up and talking. I have NO idea what their conversation is about.
LillyKate, Amelia, Abigail and Kendall.

Lilly Kate, and Kendall


Mary Francis is soooo cute!

I wonder what she was thinking? She was just sitting there all by herself!

Sweet Lilly Kate

The girls are beginning to make life so much easier to take them places. They are really starting to grow up and become quite independent. It was such a fun park we will definitely go back again!


Michele said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Chase and I wish we could have made it, but I had a doctor's appt that morning, maybe next time!

Susan said...

Hey. Where is this park located? Looks beautiful!

NIKKI said...

Susan email me...I don't like to put locations specifically on here!