Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cookies For Santa

After our Beignets we decided to get REALLY sugar shock and bake cookies for Santa. The girls LOVE to cook anything that I will let them! So they were SUPER excited about baking cookies for him! Of course I think they are adorable in their Chef Hats. :)

Yes I acutally let them crack the eggs themselves...BRAVE I know, but hey a little egg shell never hurt anyone and I don't think my mom let me crack one until at least a teenager (sorry mom, but you know you always had to take the spoon over!) I didn't learn to REALLY cook until I married Brian! Thank god he will eat anything!

They love to taste it more than anything!

They are shaking up the food coloring in their sugar.

Painting on melted butter before sprinkling on the sugar.

Another tradition I hope to continue for MANY years to come!!!

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Nikki vigil said...


I so admire all the traditions you have for your girls. I know it is something they will cherish and pass on to their children as well.