Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zoo Part 1

We went to the zoo last week with some of our friends. Well... 10 kids and 4 adults. It was sooo much fun and a BEAUTIFUL day. I was there 6 hours with the girls. We stayed a little longer after everyone left and rode the carousel and the train. There are a MILLION pics from that day so I broke this up into quite a few posts... for those of you who love the pics get ready!

Can you tell Abigail was having a blast?

Amelia was super excited to see Stockton...not quite sure he was ready for that hug! :)

Stockton and Timohty

Handsome Stockton

Amelia, Lilly Kate, and Stockton

Timohty gving Stocton a huge hug!

Abigail in the petting zoo.

This picture deserves a post all on it's own. She was Yelling I am on top of the world!!!!
That girl just makes me laugh...all the worlds a stage in her eyes!

Cutie Timothy

Ms. Ellie

Amelia and Lilly Kate chasing a goat. (I didn't let them chase it far!)

Abigail loving being able to touch all the animals.

Checking out the chincila.

Here was PART of the group.

LOVE this pic of her!

Ashton or Owen..I can't tell them apart without seeing which shoes they have on that day!

The group checking out the elephants.
A ton more of pics to come! Check back tomm!!


Michele said...

Looks like so much fun. Chase and I definitely want to join all of you next time you go!

Jill said...

Great pics! Great day! Kudoos on getting a shoot of Elly smiling. A rarely seen sight!!