Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Morning

This Christmas morning was the best one yet!!! The girls came running into our room asking if Santa had come. I got up put my contacts in while they crawled in bed with Daddy so I could get the video camera etc. ready! We all came out and their reaction was PRICELESS! Can I tell you how blessed I felt that morning. I know that we went through hell to get these to amazing little girls, but I am still AMAZED at how lucky we are to be their parents!
I will post a video soon -- SOO CUTE!
The first thing they checked out was that Santa ate all the cookies and the Reindeer left half a carrot. Then they were checking out Santas bag (he stops at our house last and leaves it here!) and their new bikes!
SUPER excited to get a gymnastic leotard and a ticket for gymnastic classes!

HOORAY Swimming baby!


Future photographer? I hope so!! :)

Or future beuatician? Santa gave them some cool girly stuff!

Abigail pretending to paint her toenails with her pretend toenail polish!

Girls giving each other hugs after opening their presents from each other. We let them pick out presents for everyone at the Dollar Tree...REALLY wished I would have taken pics of everyones reactions. HYSTERICAL!

Daddy got Silly String from Amelia, and socks from Abigail. I got scissors for sewing from Abigail and a fingernail file etc. from Amelia.

Daddy had to shoot them with the Silly string in the house!!!

Tag reading system from mom and dad!

Princess cash register from mom and dad.

Loving Neville...have I told you that they have a love affair going on?? THEY ADORE EACH OTHER!!!

Cinderellas Carriage.

Daddy giving hugs for his new hats the girls picked out for him!

The girls new FP3 players.

Cinderella from NaNa.

Cars from Pop...this is the only fight we had that day... they fought over both the big cars! There were two little and two big ones! Nana put the two big ones in one box and the other two in one box. Next time Nana...SAME for both! :)

The LOVED is HYSTERICAL... I need to video what all it says while they are getting ready for the royal ball! This was from Nana, Pop and Aunt Kelli


Michele said...

Looks like Amelia and Abigail were very good girls this year :-)

Brian said...

Amelia & Abigail,
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas that you will cherish and remember always.

Jeff and Charlotte said...

What a wonderful Christmas morning! It looks like so much fun! You can almost hear them talking and squealing and yelling and laughing! Love, Char