Thursday, January 22, 2009

Play Time....

I have taken most of the month of Jan off and have been LOVING it! I have had so much fun going with the girls to play at different places on the days they are not in school and we are having a BLAST! It's been nice to not worry about how much work at home I had to do! I've changed my shooting schedule yet again so I can have more time with my family. Now that Brian's company is up and going I am ready to cut WAY back on photo shoots and all my commitments to my organizations and just enjoy time with the girls and Brian. After a few crazy years it's time to focus on the family! There will be PLENTY of time for me to work once the girls are in full time school.
Last week one day we went to an indoor play place. If you are in the area you will imediately recognize the place! It's a hot spot around here! We met some of our friends there... wish I would have gotten pics of all our friends there that day, but I only got a few.

They turn the music up loud and shoot out bubbles at least once a morning. The kids LOVE it!!

Mary Francis

Lilly Kate, Timothy, and Conner

Loving the ball pit.

Amelia saying CHHESSE

Melissa and sweet baby Grace!

Abigail taking time to look at a book!

Ms. Ellie

Abigail, Conner is behind her.

Sweet Simon

Lilly Kate the girls BFF!
Many more play date pics to come!!! We have been having a ton of fun!!!
Do I HAVE to start back to work????

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