Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Today is the girls birthday! Brian and I took them to the zoo this morning to celebrate after blowing out the candles on their breakfast. We try to do something on their actual birthday since they share it. So then they get two very special days!!
They had a BLAST and were in the best mood the whole time we were there. I still can't believe that I had them two years ago this evening!!
They are getting so big so fast. They are talking in sentences and are just hilarious at the things they say!
Here are a few of the MANY pictures I took today!

Checking out the giraffes!!!

Moments like this make me LOVE the fact that I have twins. We are sooo blessed.
Amelia LOVES the carousel!

Abigail is happy that she is TWO!!!

My two princesses on their horses!

Abigail looks so much like her daddy!!!

My monkeys.... hanging out with the monkeys!!

My movie star!

Abigail was screaming with joy when we were in the petting zoo!

She loved this goat!

Such a BIG girl washing her hands with daddy!!!

Happy Birthday sweet girls. You are SUCH a blessing to me and your daddy.
We love you more than you can imagine!!


The Hedrick Family said...

Happy Birthday girls. Kendal is very excited about the party! See you soon!

Danielle said...

Happy birthday, Spreens! Can't wait to finally meet you Saturday!

Jeremy & Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Amelia and Abigail!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!! Have a great year!

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday girls!

They are precious!

steele family said...

What a fun day! Happy Birthday Abigail and Amelia!!

Sherry said...

Happy birthday!! Those are adorable pictures. That first ne brought tears to my eyes :)

Stacy said...

Happy birthday precious girls :) Beautiful pictures!!

Michele said...

Happy Birthday Amelia & Abigail!!!

P.S. I just LOVE the accessories (i.e., bracelets and sunglasses)!!!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Amelia & Abigail!!!!
Max, Alex, & Nicky

The Wood Family said...

Your girls are just SO adorable!! I know I am late but Happy Birthday Amelia and Abigail!! :)