Saturday, April 07, 2007

Two Parks, Easter Eggs, Cake and dirty dresses.....

Friday was the parenting center Easter Egg hunt. UMMMM well let's just say that I don't think we will go again next year. They had it at Bogue Flaya park in Covington. It was not very age appropriate park for our kids. Abigail fell off of a landing onto the ground onto her face. I couldn't keep up with them they were two different directions and there were a million kids out there. The hunt was ok. Next year I think we will maybe do just a play group hunt that's at a more age appropriate place with less kids! Our play group ended up leaving and going to another park. The kids had alot of fun!
Sorry the second park pictures are first.

Dominic Amelia and Abigial.

Abigail and her boyfriend Conner fighting over the horse. It was pretty funny. If anyone cares to know Conner won!

Chrissy grabbed some cupcakes before we left...all the kids swarmed her as soon as she sat down with them.

Amelia and Conner
Conner running after the girls.
Isn't Conner a cutite?

Really he is beautiful!!

Here is the hunt....
Check out how dirty their dresses are at the bottom.

The Maestri kiddos!

This is why their dressses were so filthy!

"Baby Luke" as the girls call him...he's not such a baby anymore!!

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The Hedrick Family said...

Great pictures of all the kids. They all look so gorgeous.