Thursday, April 05, 2007

School Easter Egg Hunt

Today was the St. Michael's Easter Egg hunt. They invited the parents to come, so Brian and I both came to watch the kids. They were all so cute. They were even picking up the eggs and putting them in each others baskets. They are so sweet at this age!!

Abigail with her first egg.

Looking with the other girls in the class. There are 8 kids (2 are mine) and 6 of the 8 are girls! They are such a cute class. Amelia and Abigail know all their names and are just so cute saying hi to them in the morning and bye in the afternoon.

Amelia getting her first egg.

Amelia watching the other kids.

Abigail checking out her loot. They are getting good at this. This is the second hunt of the year and we have one more tomorrow!

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