Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sno Ball Stand

We met some of our friends at the Sno Ball stand in Abita this afternoon. We had a GREAT time. Check out the progression of how messy the girls were!!

I gave each of the girls their own sno ball and just let them go at it. They just fill it a little with it not packed and just some juice.

Amelia really liked her!

Conner and Caroline playing in the sand pit.

Amelia getting more into hers!
Check out Abigail's arm!!!
Conner liked his too!!!


Conner REALLY liked it too!


Here is Abigail when she finished hers!

Abigail was hitting Amelia up for some of hers.

Check out her face when Amelia wouldn't give her any!

This is Amelia by the time we left. All the light color on her dress is sno cone!!

Don't worry I've already washed both of their dresses and it all came out!!


steele family said...

That looks like so much fun for the girls!

Melissa said...

That place looks great! You have the best places around you!!