Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dying Eggs at Nana's

We died easter eggs at Nana and Pop's house yesterday. The girls had a good time THROWING the eggs into the dye and pulling them out of the dye with their hands. They made a complete mess, but had a GREAT time!!!
The outfits are my sisters tshirts...they are pretty funny on them.

Check out the dye all over the table.

They got frustrated with the spoons...eventually they just started pulling them out with their hands. I just knew they were going to have green hands for the next week, but nana got it all off!

Nice brown egg. Abigail had put this one in numerous different colors to achieve this color!
Check out her hand.

I thought this one was just way to funny! Thanks Kelli for letting them possibly ruin your sleep shirts instead of their clothes!

Hope you all have a HAPPY EASTER!!! I am sure I will have a million more pictures to post tomorrow!!


The Hedrick Family said...

Too cute. I am sure it will be loads of fun with two next year. But I will be prepared and outside. Even if there is snow!

Michele said...

My goodness, looks like you guys have been very busy with Easter eggs!

Melissa said...

Too funny! My boys were grabbing the eggs with their hands too! Then they would crack the eggs open! I had a ton of egg salad by the time it was all over!!

Sherry said...

I love them in the big shirts. they look like they are growing up in the 80s!