Sunday, December 23, 2007

Celebration in the Oaks

Last weekend we went to Celebration in the Oaks. For those of you who have known us for a long time know that it is a VERY sepcial place for us. Brian proposed to me there in a carriage ride almost 8 years ago. Since Katrina the whole park isn't back lit up so they don't have the carriage rides yet, but each year they are getting a little bit closer to back to what it used to be. I am HOPING the driving tour will be back along with the carriages. We have always gone after Christmas, but before New Year's eve. THere was so many people there last weekend we are going to make a 2nd trip after Christmas this I will have double the pics! :) We didn't get to play in storyland and the girls REALLY wanted to...but Abigail had an accident (the first one in so long I can't tell you the last time...I didn' t even have a change of clothes!) Daddy promsied them both we would go back! No arguments from me-- I LOVE it!!!

This year they had this HUGE alligator...funny thing is Amelia LOVES Santa...I guess just not a HUGE Alligator dressed up as a Santa! :)
Amelia checking out the Cajun Night before Christmas lights (the story would light up the appropriate lights as it was read..the pics of the lights didn't come out , sorry haven't figured out what settting to put my camera on for that!)
I think the girls LOVE it too!!!!
They were chasing and dancing by the laser show....Abigail fell down..this face says it all!!!
Mr. Bingle
They have a train village...all of the bldgs. are replica's of New Orleans. The girls could have sat there forever.
Here is Abigail just watching the trains go by.
My FAVORITE!! The carousel is now running again! It was completely under water during KAtrina. They just got it up and running right before Thanksgiving. It was VERY popular that night...we had to wait 20 minutes to ride. I thought the girls were going to go into melt down mode!! They sure did have fun once they were on it!!
Abigail being silly!
They were ready for this wait here.. They were both VERY insistent on wanting to ride the motorcycle.
I hope this isn't a glimpse of our future...biker chicks!
This is the only thing we really got to play on in Story land..then Abigail poor thing had her accident.. SOO much excitement for all of us we forgot to ask her along the way if she needed to go! We'll be back soon though for a train ride and to play in Storyland!!!

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Bridget said...

I would be scared of a big alligator dressed like Santa too! lol. They look adorable in their coats! Too cute!