Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pajama Day at play group

This week at play group they had Hot Choclate (which was choclate milk
heated a little in the microwave) and Pajama day. All the kids were in their precious P.J.'s They also had story time which my girls LOVE!! The lady is awesome that tells the stories and she always does fun songs with them too!!!
We got to pick up Conner so Christy and Collins could have a little down time...the girls LOVED having Conner riding with us!

My friend Hope (Isabella and Amelia's mom)...also has a LOVE for photography...she was playing with my new camera and took some of these while I was chasing three kids!!!!..Thanks Hope there was some cute ones you took!

Abigail and Cecilia during story time.

Amelia during story time!

Amelia doing the reindeer hokey pokey!

Heather and Madison

Julia and Rachel

Conner waiting for his hot choclate.

Yummy hot choclate!!

Amelia waiting for a cookie and hot choclate.

Baby Ellie

Our new friends... Bennett
his twin sister Lila... and
their big sis Elisa.
Isabella (sorry hope no good ones of your Amelia they were too light!)


The three monkeys playing in the cabinet.

Abigail checking us all out!

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