Monday, December 03, 2007

We LOVE Santa

This past weekend my dad's work had a their annual Christmas party for all the kids and grandkids. My dad retired as being the big man this year so he wouldn't get outed by the girls. I was a little worried about how the girls were going to react to Santa, but was PLEASANTLY suprised. We walked into the movie theater and we were standing in the lobby when Santa walked in the door. My girls started saying "Hi Santa" from across the room. He then walked up and stuck his hands out towards them and they ran into his arms and hugged him! I didn't have my camera out but I almost started to tear up I was so excited! They LOVE him!!!
We then went into watch the movie Mr. Magoriums wonder emporium. Really cute movie, but a little over my girls heads. When they got antsy we went down the hall to sit with Santa and tell him what we wanted for christmas!

Let's go see Santa.....
Abigail telling Santa she wants...
Rocket (from Little Einstein's) and a Princess Dora Castle.


Amelia was so excited for her turn! She told Santa she wanted...

Rocket, and a soccer ball.

Amelia busted out a week ago that she wanted a soccer ball from Santa. We weren't sure where she had gotten that from and it took a while to find out, but apparently Dora likes to play soccer. Guess who went to Academy on Sun to find a soccer ball after all the shopping was already done! :) Yep Santa's helpers!

Abigail loved just looking at him...check out their shoes!

Hugs for Santa.

This is after the movie ended and the girls had their balloons. Abigail REALLY wanted to go back and give Santa a kiss goodbye, but there was a REALLY long line. I told her we were going to see santa MANY more times so she could kiss him in a couple of weeks.

It just REALLY made my christmas that they loved santa and actually told him what they wanted!


Bickers Family said...

WOW! They are SO cute!! He even looks like the real thing too!

Melissa said...

That Santa is Wonderful!!! I just have to say that I live vicariously through you dressing your girls up since I have no girls to dress up - LOL!!

Bridget said...

Wow! They did so good!!! I hope Libby wants to see him next year. They look beautiful and their dresses are too cute!