Friday, December 07, 2007

Play Group Fun

We haven't been able to go to play group in so long bc I've been working. It was so much fun to be back with everyone! The girls were soooo excited when I told them they were going to go play with their friends!

Silly Amelia

Sweet Abigail

Baby Luke isn't a baby anymore!
Playing with play dough.

How many kids can you fit into two buckets....SIX
AKA .... a set of twins, a set of triplets, and a singleton.

Precious Conner.
Caroline and William

Let's go for a ride.

Cecilia and Caroline.

This is another Amelia...
and her sister Isabella. Aren't they dolls?

Come get in Amelia.

Two monkeys in a tub.

We had a BLAST !

So glad I am not working right now and can come a play!

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Bickers Family said...

WOW I wish we had a place around here like that! Looks like a ton of fun!