Friday, December 28, 2007

Baby Jesus's birthday cake and Cookies for Santa

On Christmas Eve we baked cupcakes for baby Jesus and cookies for Santa. The girls literally did it all on their own. The only thing I did was pour or scoop the ingredients into the measuring cups or spoons. They poured everything in. They even cracked the eggs themselves. They both LOVE cooking!! Especially can't be in the kitchen cooking without her coming in there asking what you are cooking and can she help.
These pics I think are my most favorite of this season!!! Sorry there are a TON but they are so hilarious I couldn't help it!

Chef Abigail
We are READY we have our spoons!

Taking turns adding the ingredients.
Love this one...of cours Abigail has a little "taste" in her mouth.
Yep tasting it again.

Of course...Ms. Abigail telling someone what to do and Amelia just having a BLAST!

Caught her again "tasting"

REady to roll out the dough.... I didn't get any pics of them cutting out the cookies...that was an all man on board kind of job so I couldn't take pics too!

Caught AGAIN!
Amelia adding the sprinkles.

Neville wanted to see what was going on.
TADA Yummy cookies for Santa!!!


Michele said...

Those hats are precious! The cookies look great!

Jennifer Walker said...

They look like adorable chefs. Very impressive job on the cookies too.

Bridget said...

I LOVE THE HATS!!! And I love the pics when them holding the rolling pins. lol! They are too cute!

steele family said...

Merry Christmas! I love the chef outfits, they look soooo cute!