Monday, December 24, 2007

Tea Anyone? Pip Pip Cheerio....

Last week we went to the Teddy Bear Tea at the Royal Sinesta. Brian told me he would go with me for two more years and then I am on my own with the girls! :) Of course the tea was RIGHT up the girls alley! They kept saying we were going to say "Pip Pip Cheerio" (they got this off of the Backyardigans.) Anyway it was SUPER cute... They LOVED the snow princess, and Santa, Ms. Claus, Frosty, and a Trumpeteer. Ms. Claus talked to them for a while and then read them the night before Christmas. They had even the cutest "tea food" for them!
(Sorry some of the pics are dark...still learning the settings!)

A very unusual family pic!

Amelia with Santa.
Abigail talking to Santa.

The Snow can not even imagine how excited they were when they saw her!

They said "oh mommy she's BEAUTIFUL!"

Ready to go into the tea.

The parade.

Teddy Bear peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Loving on Ms. Claus.

Ms. Claus reading the night before Christmas.

Pip Pip Cheerio
Hanging out with the Teddy Bears.

Leaving the tea...

Window shopping on Royal Street.
LOVE this one of Abigail.


odomfamilyfun said...

These are the cutest pictures I have ever seen. Your girls are too cute and you do such fun things with them! Merry Christmas!

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness how fun!!!

Roberts Family Blog said...

That is so neat. I had no idea the Royal Sonesta did this. What a great idea!