Saturday, January 05, 2008

Soccer Girls

Amelia told us about 3 days before we went to go see Santa that she was going to tell Santa she wanted a Soccer ball. We had NO idea where that had come from! After asking her who had a soccer ball she said Dora. She sure did tell Santa VERY clearly she wanted a Soccer ball for christmas. She sure did get one! A PINK one!!! SHe was soooo excited to go play with it outside. Nothing like playing outside in your PJ's on Christmas day! (I didn't feel too bad when we saw kids on new four wheelers in PJ's in our neighborhood.)

Amelia had a hard time with the No hands thing..... They DID got the contact rough sport thing down though!

Nana got into the action.
Amelia would yell go team go team the whole time! She did more yelling all sorts of crazy things rather than kicking the ball (she has gotten pretty good at it now though)
Aunt Kelli played with them too.
Abigail was great at running and kicking the ball. We might have to check out 3 year old soccer this summer... Could be pretty funny!


The Hedrick Family said...

Looks like fun. I cannot wait until I can get in there and play.......I mean Kendal and Kayden can.

Melissa said...

Definitely sign them up - Max loved it this past fall! He can't wait unil next year.
Oh - are you guys wearing short sleeves?!! Frank and I were just talking about where we could move where it is warmer. I am so over the snow already!!

Michele said...

Looks like a ton of fun! And I love the girls hair cuts!

Good luck with the pacis!!!!