Thursday, January 10, 2008

National Champions LSU

Brian and I were VERY lucky and got to attend the BSC National Championship game earlier this week. We went with Brian's brother Ernie and wife Liz. It was alot of fun! I only took my little crappy camera again ( I need a good little REAL camera is just way to big to take to functions like this!) Liz sent me some pics of us tailgating and a few of her and Ernie, but I can't get them to load so I will try to add them again tommorrow.

Me and Liz
Self portrait...not too bad..
We were literally this close to the field. Pretty good seats hunh?

Geaux Tigers!

Thanks Ms. Pat and Mr. Ernie AKA Me Me and Paw Paw for the tickets! We had ALOT of fun and as Brian says... we got to watch history being made!

Thank you also for watching the girls yet AGAIN!!!


Andi said...

WOW! You guys WERE pretty lucky....and what great seats you had too!

Melissa said...

You guys are having a bunch of fun lately! How great - keep it up, I think I am living vicariously through you - loll!!

NIKKI said...

Thanks Melissa--
We just went away this past weekend too...get ready to live a wild crazy life through me the next couple of months..we have a CRAZY schedule these next 3 months!!!

The Hedrick Family said...

Looks like a blast. I love your shirt.

Michele said...

Looks like so much fun!

Emily said...

I love you but ya'll suck. I would have killed to go to the game! :-)