Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas Day

I took of course a million pics christmas morning and day...I just picked a few :)
The girls were both in awe when they came out into the living room. They were pretty funny..they didn't know what to play with first. After a little time of playing with Rocket and the Dora castle we started opening presents and going through our stockings.

Opening the princess clothes.

They kept going back to playing with the Dora castle.

One of their favorite gifts was a Diego spotting scope.

Gryffin and Neville were left gifts from Santa too...

Neville loved playing with his new toys.

Abigail making sure she found EVERY piece of choclate left from Santa.

Another one of the girls favorite gifts was Sit in Spins from their Aunt Kelli.

Shannon passed on the idea to us of taking the girls to the Dollar Tree to pick out gifts for our family members. You should have seen all the things they picked out for everyone. It was pretty funny. Abigail took FOREVER to pick out a gift for Aunt Kelli...she FINALLY settled on 1,000 stickers!!! I know Kelli will get lots of use out of those :)
We sang Happy Birthday to baby Jesus.

Brian got the girls USM cheerleading outfits while he was in H'burg for work one day. They are sooo cute in them. Abigail loved doing a cheer for us. GO EAGLES!!!
They also loved this present left in their stocking...a super dooper reindeer pooper. He poops jelly beans..they think it's HILARIOUS!


The Hedrick Family said...

I dont know what was funnier, Abigail's cheers or Kelli's expression!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

What a great idea for shopping for family members from the kids! Our Dollar Tree actually has some great stuff! Those little cheerleader outfits are so cute :)