Saturday, January 05, 2008

Celebration in the Oaks round 2!!

Since it was so crazy the first time we went-- we HAD to go back! The girls were soooo excited to be going back! We started out on the Aligator again. Abigail was excited to get up there... Amelia told us no way!

We then went and rode the carousel. Daddy jumped on a horse while I held onto the girls and took pics! They thought it was so funny that he was on the horses too!

We then headed to jump on the train. We didn't get to ride it last time so they were really excited about riding it!
Daddy and Amelia on the train.
Mommy and Abigail on the train.

Some fun sister pics in the stroller.
They really do love each other most of the time.

We finally got to play in story land.
A princess in her castle.
Gotta give the gnome some love.

Peek a boo
A princess with a princess.
Abigail was going to go to sleep with Sleeping Beauty...she is so funny sometimes!
Two princess await their carriage ride.

They had so much fun -- We can't wait until they have the riding tour back so we can take the girls on a carriage ride. That is where Brian propsed to me and since Katrina they haven't had the carriage rides...hopefully in the next couple of years!!


Nicole said...

Adorable!! I love their pink hats..Hopefully we'll make it on Friday to the parenting center and will see ya'll there....

Kirk & Matt said...

Looks like you had a great holiday. The girls look great, and we loved your card.

The Hedrick Family said...

GO Brian GO!!!!!!!!

odomfamilyfun said...

Love this! You have inspired Troy & I to bring the kids to New Orleans for Christmas this year. We will be there for Easter---any fun things to do Easter weekend? :)