Thursday, January 03, 2008

Paci's-- Baby Birds--- Luvy's and a couple of broken hearts.

Brian has REALLY been pushing for the girls to give up their Pacifiers AKA their Paci. They LOVE them ESPECIALLY Abigail.
I borrowed an idea from Brittany and Troy on how to give the Pacifiers away. (THANKS!)
They have only had them at bed time and nap time for a long time, but they are quite in love with them. They also love Diego who loves to help every day we feed the birds in our back yard. We went outside today and found a letter from Diego.

Here is the letter.

I knew we had to take action FAST after the letter was read. Abigail starts thinking about things and it could have gone VERY badly. They were VERY excited to help the baby birds. Of course Abigail only wanted to give them one. We pretty much had to make her put all her paci's in the bag.

We then went and played soccer in the front yard.

We went into the back yard to swing and found a present and another letter.

Diego left the girls new Luvy's to thank them for helping the baby birds.
All was GREAT until bed time tonight. Abigail took one look at the new luvy and LOST it! She was begging for her paci's back. We told her how proud we were of her to give her paci's to the baby birds. Brian pretty much had to kick me out of the room bc I was getting VERY emotional too! (I feel soooo bad taking away a security of theirs! Also makes me a little sad that this is the last thing that makes them a baby! It just breaks my heart to see her soooo upset!)
It took about 4 times of Brian going in to calm her down (Which is alot considering they have put them selves to sleep, and slept 12 hours a night since they were 12 weeks old!)
Amelia really didn't care all that much!!! I guess we could have taken hers away a long time ago. She asked maybe twice where they were , and when we said they were given to the baby birds she said..Ok. She was much more concerned with why Abigail was crying.
We shall see how the night goes...I feel we may be up alot tonight.


odomfamilyfun said...

I love your letters! How cute. Hope tonight goes well and I am proud of you! I was super emotional, too, but life is so much easier without having to lug the pacis around! Good luck tonight and the next few nights!

Melissa said...

Great idea! Max had his paci at night only until he was - hate to say it - 4 1/2. (did I actually write that in public!!) He fell asleep without it one night and I threw them all away! When he asked I told them I didn't know what happened to them and he was like, oh, ok. Now that he started Kindergarted he has started chewing his shirt when he is nervous in school. We got a "chewy tube" from an OT and he is ok with that.

Melissa said...

Oh - the twins still have their blankies at night. If we lose one of these blankies we are in BIG trouble!! Should have ordered doubles or triples when we got them as gifts when they were born!