Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year's Eve

Brian's brother Aubrey had a party on New Year's Eve and we went and hung out. We pretty much played Wii all night....for those of you who have a HAVE to get the Dance Dance Revolution game. We had a BLAST laughing at ourselves. Thanks Beth for passing along more than half of these pics!
Brian playing Dance Dance Revolution
Aubrey playing DDR.
Ryan playing DDR.
Me and Colleen
Colleen and Brad
Most of the crew there that night.
Brad Bordelon, Ryan Oneal, Brian, Me and Aubrey
Aubrey in the Spirit of New Year's Eve!
Beth and Aubrey

Beth in the spirit of New Year's Eve!

Champagne fountain right before midnight.

The two of us right before midnight.

Brian and Aubrey

Beth and me!

We had a GREAT night!!! Thanks Beth and Aub for inviting us over it was GREAT to start the new year off with y'all!

Thanks Me Me and Paw Paw again for watching the girls


Andi said...

Looks like lots of fun! Your the 3person who has said that that game is a must have....looks like I know what Andy is getting for his birthday in March (if we can wait that long). I also heard guitar hero is lots of fun.

Andi said...

Sorry, that should read "3rd person"!

Catherine said...

We will have to try this game.
I got Lance Guitar Hero for the wii for Christmas and he hasn't put the guitar down yet.
We played Rock Band (xbox) at my brother-in-laws on New Year's Eve.
What have our partying days come to?????
Fine by me!

Bridget said...

OH I knew there was a dance mat that went to that thing! Ad and I were talking about that last week ... I want to get it and see what Libby does (and a little for myself.) ;)

odomfamilyfun said...

How fun! We need to get a Dance machine and have friends over---that would be a hoot!