Friday, January 04, 2008

Paci Update....

Last night went so much better than we could have ever expected. Abigail and Amelia both went to sleep only after 45 minutes . They slept the entire night until 6:45 this morning. (which is about normal) I then heard Abigail whine and ask Amelia " Amelia where are our Paci's? " Amelia responded "Abigail we gave them to the baby birds...." kind of in a Well DUH tone. It was pretty funny and made me smile this morning after a night of ME not sleeping bc I was worried about them! They were sleeping away and I am the one not sleeping..what's wrong with that picture!!!
Nap time today...ummmm did NOT go so good. Neither of them napped. They chatted and pretty much played the entire two and half hours. I even bribed them with ice cream after dinner if they such luck.
Tonight they both asked for them, but we reminded them of how proud of them that we were for giving them to Diego and the baby birds. Abigail said she needed the paci's not the birds. (smart kid) She wanted a little extra lovin from Daddy and then off to bed with a little whining but no crying!
Hopefully they will nap sometime in the next week!
I will FINALLY update pics from the rest of the Christmas festivities this weekend!

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Melissa said...

You are lucky - my stinkers haven't taken naps in about a year or so! Maybe they will catch one in the car once in a while if I'm lucky.