Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seeing Double Under the Sea..... HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Happy Halloween!! This year I let the girls pick what they wanted to be and there was no other answer than "ARIEL!!!!!!!" It was always said with a scream. These girls are obsessed! They love that mermaid! I wasn't super excited about the costume at first, but I must say my two mermaid princesses are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry so many pics...this is for the grandparents who we won't see tommorrow night! ENjoy Nana, Pop, MeMe, & Paw Paw!
Oh and yes for the first time they got to put on mermaid lipstick! You would have thought I gave them a diamond ring they were so excited!


Jill said...

OMG! They look adorable. What beautiful princesses they are!

Michele said...

So cute! Happy Halloween!

P.S. They look SO different with the red wigs!

Stephanie said...

They are beautiful mermaids! Happy Halloween!

Jennifer Walker said...

They look so excited to be Ariel. Very cute.

Bridget said...

They are too cute! They look so thrilled to be ariel!